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Perfect way for a relaxation spa massages in Bangalore, a sensual body massage or body to body massage is certainly the perfect treatment for you. This specific kind of massage therapy is performed by our highly skilled therapists. Body to Body Massage includes a number of intense pleasure and benefits, while offering you with the ultimate sensual pleasure along the way. Massage services we offer: Full body massage, Body to body massage, sandwich massage, Full service massage.

Body to Body is not only physically, but spiritually engaging, since your skin is stimulated directly with the skin and natural body curves of our massage therapist. The experience of a bodyto body massage will be unlike anything youve ever experienced. You will be surprised by the rejuvenating abilities that this massage session offers, especially when its performed by our professional female therapists at our parlour in Bangalore.

Instead of using her hands to provide deep, pleasurable strokes, the therapist uses her bare body to perform the session. At the beginning of the session, our beautiful massage therapist will rub scented oil all over your body, after which she will then begin to slide her own body against yours, igniting a series of unimaginable and intense pleasures.

Theres an intense aura of sensuality surrounding the body to body massage session. However, the massage itself doesnt have to be sexual. In fact, through the body to body massage session you can recharge your sexual energy and enjoy the ultimate pleasures of the massage session.